The world has changed, because the audience has changed.
The business becomes digital faster and faster.
Thus, the way to communicate has evolved, following the business trends.
Online, offline, forget this division: today everything is connected.
Is not enough to be creative. Communication must be useful to the public and to 
the company. Omnichannel is here to stay. People are accessing the same information,
 simultaneously or sequentially, through
multiple channels. Thus, the public's interests overlap with the brand's interests and it is crucial to
understand "your customer's journey."

Your brand is prepared for this scenario? We can help you with that...

The communication effectiveness involves understanding the audience,
projecting their longings, anticipate their desires, in order to conquer their 
minds and their hearts. It is essential to engage people with your brand
 through relevant and compelling content.

The coordinated implementation of all communication activities, focusing
 on the audience's interest is what we call Inbound PR.


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About RMA



Communication to a New Time. Welcome to the Age of the Digital Economy.

Is not enough to inform. It is necessary to attract and thrill to convert (identify) and engage the audience, increasingly savvy, skeptical and demanding, who no longer accepts actions "pushed at them".
Consumers relate directly to the brands and engage with them, becoming promoters. In contrast, they require relevant content, transparency and positive experience. Meeting the needs of this new consumer means improving the perceived value of your brand.

Our offer is aligned with the business funnel.


Communication focused on results. We are the best. 
Meet some stories that we help to tell the market and their impact on our customers’ business. Their success is ours too.
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The best company to work for in the Communication Industry in Brazil. 
Challenges, trials, training, recognition.
In RMA's only works those who have no limits to dream and accomplish.
Here. not even the sky is the limit.  
Great place to work - Melhores empresas para trabalhar 2012 | Agências de Comunicação
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